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Too Many Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs)

As an Agile Coach who has worked at his fair share of large companies, I spend a lot of time researching what can go wrong with an Agile transition. One of the things that I don’t recall being mentioned is … Read More →

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How Would You Rate Your Organization?

While browsing the 2014 State of DevOps Report, the authors referred to a study by a Professor Westrum of Eastern Michigan University called A Typology of Organizational Cultures. In this article, Westrum studied the flow of safety information within hospitals, how that … Read More →

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“Are You Crazy?!” – Project vs Product Focus

When You Have A Project Focus Coach: If we take some time to learn and adopt excellent software development practices like BDD/TDD, CI and refactor some our code to remove some technical debt, we will be able to development higher … Read More →

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Technical Debt in the Real World

I came across a video the other day that compares the relative devastation caused by two similar earthquakes – a recent 6.0 magnitude earthquake in August 2014 in Northern California and a 6.1 magnitude one in that same month in … Read More →

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Story Points Revisited – Presentation

Story Points Revisited from Larry Apke If you missed it, here’s my newest presentation about story points that I gave to the Phoenix Scrum Users Group yesterday. Here is also a cool video of the meeting that Alan Dayley shot … Read More →

The True Value of the CSM

I was on a call with one of my Agile colleagues the other day and he mentioned that there are now over 300,000 Certified Scrum Masters. Should I be excited about this fact? While this is a great marketing achievement … Read More →